Get to know yourself through the practice of yoga

Metro, work, dodo, family, is .... So many obvious things that keep us away from us. Between work and everyday tasks, you can sometimes get lost in it. This is how quickly we do things every day in routine mode. . It is a fact but not a given to really know who you are. BIG Question 1 / Is there a difference between the way we present ourselves in social mode and what we really are? And this is where yoga intervenes to connect the body and the mind in UNION mode and no longer separate the 2 which unfortunately happens in the unconscious with the speed of life or we do not take the time to DE-PAUSE , to visit this wonderful TEMPLE which is ours. Admittedly the visit of the place can be sometimes a little challenging, because the truth is presented to us without costume, and it is there that the work begins. DISCOVER YOU AS YOU ARE When you practice yoga, you will be in certain postures that will allow you to really discover yourself. The fact of being in a posture which can seem difficult or uncomfortable at times, is the opportunity to set up operations of adjustments, stability, facilitation to allow you to access your own knowledge. To make a change in comfort will be the first reflex, so in your life you will see that over time you will do the same thing as on your carpet, The benefits do not take long to set up believe me, it becomes pretty and kind automatisms. It is important to know and realize that each practitioner has his limits and must integrate them with wisdom and not physical violence. We don't aim for a goal in practice, the magic of investing in SOI will tell you much more than a simple goal. You just have to be PRESENT to what is happening HERE AND NOW; RADIATING THANKS TO YOGA The practice of yoga makes it easier for you to draw the positive that is within you. This step is essential if you want to know yourself. By being able to identify what is right for you, your radiation fields will gradually activate. By releasing all that is no longer necessary to you, the old stories, certainly that can build us or deconstruct us. It is a real TRI-SELECTIVE which is organized in a very natural way as and when the engagement towards SOI; Daily practice will help you walk the path. It is by walking that one makes the way. Each INSPIRATION and each EXPIRATION will take you away from everyday life and bring you closer to you. You will learn to ask yourself in peace and serenity. EXPRESSING YOUR POTENTIAL AT THE HIGHEST POINT: THE SOUL GOAL, Human beings have the talent of always putting off until tomorrow what they really wanted to do. It is also there that yoga can intervene to take its life in hand and day after day of study of the self knowing and RE-knowing really what we are made of. This is what is called L INTUITION, to access it you have to stimulate and develop it. Listening to this intelligence which is rarely mistaken. To have confidence in this small interior way, which often sends us thousands of signals, .... LISTEN TO US? DO YOU HEAR? DON'T YOU IGNORE? Gradually, with listening and experience, you will learn to cultivate this intuition, and you will feel in control of your life. You've already imagined driving your car without having the brake, turn signal, headlight, and steering wheel controls, IT'S ALL SAID; you are the driver of your life and not the passenger.