Massages, treatments and well-being

Massages, treatments and well-being

LIZ HARMONIE Practitioner in Chinese energy CHI NEI TSANG ACUPRESSION INTUITIVE MASSAGE RELAXING WITH OILS (By appointment only) My approach aims to be global, individual and respecting each person's physical and emotional needs. Based on Taoist philosophical principles, I like to approach my care with a vision of Harmony, Unity and Non-judgment, this in order to restore the precious link between body and mind. My journey begins with Gilles Marin, with the discovery of Chi Nei Tsang. Through this practice, I am passionate about the Chinese Therapeutic Approach in its essence. I also discovered Acupressure and Qigong there, with Amael Ferrando. Then, I complete my approach with the help of Cupping Therapy, Moxibustion and Intuitive Oil Massage. I practiced successively in an office in Antibes and then in Menton before returning to my adopted city Nice. Fruit of these experiences, I develop, today, my own practice integrating all these visions. It is for everyone, preventively and curatively. My goal is to reconnect your body and your mind and to ease the tensions and physical and emotional blockages that affect your daily life. In addition to treating the symptoms, these approaches allow me to deal with the deep root of your discomfort. NB: The treatments that I offer you in no way replace medical advice but are truly alternative and complementary.


Learn more about the practices:

An ancestral practice born in China, Chi Nei Tsang is an energetic belly massage with multiple benefits.

Undigested emotions, stress, healthy lifestyle are all factors that directly affect the belly, your second brain. To free the belly is to restore the broken link between your body and your mind. Acupressure is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine. Ancestor of acupuncture, the points chosen very specifically and according to an energy diagnosis, are not treated by needles but by digitopression, that is to say by the therapist's own hands.

Intuitive Oil Massage is much more than a body treatment. It’s a touch of heart that connects your body and mind.

I listen to your emotional and physical state and I adapt my gestures to release existing tensions and immerse you in deep tranquility.

Prices per session *:

Intuitive Oil Massage:
• 1 hour = 60 €
• 1 h 30 = 90 €
• 2 hours = 110 €

Chi Nei Tsang:
• 1 hour = 60 € **
• 1 h 30 = 75 €
• 2 hours = 90 €

• 1 hour = 60 € *
• 1 h 30 = 75 €

Possibility of offering you packages adapted to your needs, with preferential rates.
** For the first appointment in Chi Nei Tsang or Acupressure, the session lasts 1h30.
This is essential in order to establish the energy diagnosis conditioning the treatment.
Gift Cards: To take care of your loved ones, offer them a moment of relaxation and well-being.
Contacts: Liz Harmonie 06-15-35-68-25 Facebook page: Liz Harmonie


Beautician Face and body hair removal Bloomea face and body care (made in France) DEEP TISSUE massage: Relaxing, relaxing Kinetic manicure / pedicure (made in France) Eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting… Esthetician for 14 years, I was first in perfumery, institute and spa to then practice only at home from canes to castellar through Monaco. I am passionate about face and body care. I mainly use cosmetics with natural extracts: bloomea for the face, essential oils and natural extracts for the body, which I mix myself. This brand, created by French cosmetic surgeons, consists of active ingredients of plant origin and marine extracts in order to be assimilated at best by all types of skin, even the most sensitive and fragile.

The deep tissue * body treatment: very slow and deep on the muscles and tissues, relieves tension so that the muscles regain their suppleness. Ideal therefore after sport and people suffering from chronic tensions (neck, lower back, shoulders). * * *
• 1h 75 €
• 1h30 89 €
Relaxing body treatment *: for everyone. The more fluid movements, less in depth allows a relaxation of the body and the mind. Performed from head to toe, for a moment of escape from everyday stress.
• 1h 65 €
• 1h30 79 €

The neck, shoulders, back treatment *: same effect as the relaxing treatment, but with a higher intensity in order to reduce the common chronic tensions in this area.
• 15 minutes 15 €
• 30 minutes 30 €
• 45 minutes 42 €

Bloomea * face and body care: we are in corrective care, thanks to the bloomea fountain and its associated cosmetics. After a good diagnosis and a questionnaire, we will act on the scars, irregularities that can appear on the skin over time (pregnancy mask, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles).
* As a single treatment and a 4-treatment treatment (1 treatment per week), it unifies the complexion and provides radiance.
* in a cure of 6 to 10 treatments (1 treatment per week), it helps to reduce, scars, stretch marks, smoothes wrinkles, tightens pores, refines the skin texture. Combined with bloomea cosmetics, we obtain plumped, toned and deeply hydrated skin (down to the dermis).
To date, it is the only treatment that offers long-lasting results down to the dermis, without going through the surgery box and without chemicals.
Price: € 79 single treatment
Price cures: contact us

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