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Hatha Flow

Hatha flow is a wise, stable and energizing practice. Fluid and graceful, it strengthens the physical body, helps & agrave; find balance, soothes the mind and circulates pranic energy through the great support and accompaniment of breathing. With this style of yoga, you will experience your bo... Lire la suite

Vinyasa Krama

Results in the methodical placement of a succession of stages / sequences of events, or the succession of changes undertaken with a single intention. The beneficial keys of KRAMA VINYASA are breath, intention and attention (being involved at all times). This fun practice will invite you & agrav... Lire la suite


Kundalini yoga takes its name from the Sanskrit term Kundalini, which according to this doctrine, denotes a primordial energy which is present in every human being and which evolves along a main channel (susumma) located in each human being and which evolves along the vertebral column, in the cente... Lire la suite

Yin Yoga

A gentle approach accessible to all YIN yoga, based on taoist principles, relies on the work of connective tissues (fascias) joints, tendons and ligaments rather than on muscular work. It makes it possible to improve in a noticeable way the flexibilit & oacute; overall body, health of joints, org... Lire la suite

Yoga Iyengar

L’alignement correct du corps dans les postures (asanas) et les exercices de respiration (pranayamas) constituent la base du Hatha yoga comme enseigné en cours de yoga Iyengar. L’utilisation de supports telle que développée par BKS Iyengar (comme les sangles, les cal... Lire la suite

Personal Coaching

The correct alignment of the body in postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayamas) constitute the basis of Hatha yoga as taught. in Iyengar yoga class. The use of supports such as developed by BKS Iyengar (such as straps, wedges, chairs, walls and ropes) allows agrave; everyone, regardless... Lire la suite

Massages, treatments and well-being

LIZ HARMONIE Practitioner in Chinese energy CHI NEI TSANG ACUPRESSION INTUITIVE MASSAGE RELAXING WITH OILS (By appointment only) My approach aims to be global, individual and respecting each person's physical and emotional needs. Based on Taoist philosophical principles, I like to approach my care w... Lire la suite

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